What is vev.io/pair

To avoid the streaming load most of the providers use stream authorization method. In this method the user must have to validate their IP to gain streaming access. Tvad.me is a pairing site for stream authorization. This provider has 2 sites for pairing. The vev.io/pair . It will ask you to authorize your IP by visiting any of the above sites, according to the traffic and location. A user can gain permission only for 4 hours, after 4 hours it will ask for permission again and again. Whenever you try to watch a movie on Kodi software through the server vev.io pair you will get an irritating pop-up. The pop-up is stream authorization required for this video. How to deal with this kind of issue? If you are here to find answer to this question then you are at the right place. In this article I will brief you how to get rid of this kind of problem.

How to fix vev.io/pair error?

There are 3 Methods to resolve tvad.me/pair error.

Direct authorization

In this method you will receive direct authorization from the provider. This is easiest method of all.

Step 1: Open your web browser, Enter the provided URL https:// vev.io/pair

Step 2: Click on activate streaming.

Disable hosters with captcha

This is another method to avoid vev.io/pair error. This method will disable all the hosters with captchas.

Step 1: Select settings by right-clicking on addon.

Step 2: Disable the “Hoster and captchas” option, lying under playback option.

Configuring URL resolver.

Here I will provide you a shortcut trick, to disable hosters for all addons. This is an onetime process. How to configure URL resolver?  Just follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Go to settings. Go to System settings. Change the mode to “Expert mode”.

Step 2: Under the addon menu, select manage dependencies.

Step 3: Select URL Resolver from the list. And select configure.

Step 4: Select any hosters with captcha, and disable this hosters.

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