Why Do We Get vev.io Pop Up And How To Solve It

The kodi is a software which can deliver different kinds of videos through the different addons. But in nowadays most of the kodi users are getting so many pop-ups while they are watching the movie or any other videos through their favourite addons. From this article, we are going to tell you why the vev.io/pair pop up would get by the kodi and how to solve them.

Let me explain the pop up of vev.io/pair first. Actually, the pop up would come just because of the huge traffic of the kodi users. If you want to know the brief explanation of https://vev.io/pair, you have to read this article.

Why Do We Get vev.io/pair Pop Up On Kodi

This is a frequent issue for every kodi user. This error would appear when the kodi user tries to watch his/her favourite movie or any other video. When the user tries to watch a movie, the desired movie would not appear to the user but instead of that, a pop up would come. If you observe that pop up you can see the https:// vev.io/pair server. So, now we are going describe you why do we get this pop up on our kodi. Let us start.

Why do we get this pop up frequently on our kodi is, the kodi is the greatest software among the many online video deliver software. So the followers are also attracted to this software and especially its features are attracted to the many of its followers. As usually the users increased rapidly and the kodi has started its struggling. To deliver the videos, the kodi is incapable now. So if we want to watch our favourite videos, we have to pair our device IP with the TVad.me IP address.

How Do We Pair Our Device IP With The vev.io/pair IP

If we want to pair our device IP address with the vev.io/pair IP address we need to follow the below steps. The below steps will provide you vev.io/pair service. So follow them and enjoy all your favourite videos whenever you want to enjoy your favourite video through an addon.

  1. Try to watch a movie on your “Kodi Software”
  2. You will get a pop up on your “kodi screen”
  3. In that pop up you can see “different Servers List”
  4. From that servers list, you have to select “vev.io”
  5. Now you have to select “Movie”
  6. But still, you get a pop up which says “To play this video Stream Authorization Required”
  7. For that, you have to go for “https://vev.io/pair”
  8. Here you will find “IP” address
  9. Now select “Pair”
  10. After few seconds “Your device paired successfully” pop up will come
  11. So from now onwards you can watch your favourite videos on your kodi addon

This is the procedure to pair your device IP address with the vev.io/pair IP address. Once you paired your device IP address with the https://vev.io/pair IP address you can enjoy all your favourite videos Up to four hours. After four hours you have to pair it again to watch your favourite videos.

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