How To Get Rid Of The Pop Ups [Complete Solution]

Almost my inbox has filled with a lot of doubts by different users who asked me about the So, for them, we prepared different solutions for their doubts. Whenever the user trying to watch a movie or any other videos through the different addons they are getting some interrupting servers list.

So the users of the kodi are not getting their favourite videos and they aren’t enjoying well with their favourite video addons on their device. So if you want to get rid of these pop-ups and different issues you must follow our tutorial until it finishes. Let’s begin.

How Do I Get Rid Of a Different Kind Of Pop-Ups Of pair ?

Its very simple to get rid of the pop-ups of We found three methods to avoid these pop-ups from your kodi addon. So let me tell you what they are and how to follow them to get permanent relief from the different servers issues pop-ups.

Before we are going to tell you the “How to get rid of the different pop-ups” let me mention those three methods names.

1)  By Using Stream Authorization method, 2) By using the “Hosters With Captchas“, 3) By using the “URL Resolver Method

These three methods you have to follow to get rid of the unwanted pop-ups. But in this tutorial, we are mentioning only one method i.e, How to fix pair by using stream authorization method. So let me start this method

How To Fix By Using Stream Authorization

Actually, when you are trying to watch a movie on your kodi by using your favourite video addon, you will get different servers issues, from that servers list you need to select the Once you select the TV, you have to open any kind of video by using this server. But unfortunately, you will get a pop again. The pop up says “Stram authorization required to play this video” So now we are going to fix this by using stream authorization.

  1. As usual try to watch a movie on your kodi
  2. If you get different servers list you must select “”
  3. Try to watch a “Video from the server”
  4. Again you would a pop up such as “To play this video you need stream authorization requirement”
  5. for that open a “New browser” Type this URL “
  6. Now you will get an “IP Address”
  7. So you must connect or pair that IP address with the “ IP address”
  8. After few seconds you will get a notification which says “Your device IP address has paired with the IP address”

That’s it from now onwards you will get the pair service up to four hours. After four hours you will lost your connection with the So to stay connecting with the vev .io pair you must pair your device IP address with the pair IP address for every four hours.

If you still have any queries about the pair and its procedure for using on your kodi software, you can ask to us through the comment section, we will help you our level best.

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