How To Get Rid Of The TVad.me/Pair Pop Ups [Complete Solution]

Almost my inbox has filled with a lot of doubts by different users who asked me about the TVad.me/pair. So, for them, we prepared different solutions for their doubts. Whenever the user trying to watch a movie or any other videos through the different addons they are getting some interrupting servers list.

So the users of the kodi are not getting their favourite videos and they aren’t enjoying well with their favourite video addons on their device. So if you want to get rid of these pop-ups and different issues you must follow our tutorial until it finishes. Let’s begin.

How Do I Get Rid Of a Different Kind Of Pop-Ups Of TV ad.me ?

Its very simple to get rid of the pop-ups of TVad.me. We found three methods to avoid these pop-ups from your kodi addon. So let me tell you what they are and how to follow them to get permanent relief from the different servers issues pop-ups.

Before we are going to tell you the “How to get rid of the different pop-ups” let me mention those three methods names.

1)  By Using Stream Authorization method, 2) By using the “Hosters With Captchas“, 3) By using the “URL Resolver Method

These three methods you have to follow to get rid of the unwanted pop-ups. But in this tutorial, we are mentioning only one method i.e, How to fix TVad.me pair by using stream authorization method. So let me start this method

How To Fix TVad.me By Using Stream Authorization

Actually, when you are trying to watch a movie on your kodi by using your favourite video addon, you will get different servers issues, from that servers list you need to select the TVad.me. Once you select the TV ad.me, you have to open any kind of video by using this tvad.me server. But unfortunately, you will get a pop again. The pop up says “Stram authorization required to play this video” So now we are going to fix this tvd.me by using stream authorization.

  1. As usual try to watch a movie on your kodi
  2. If you get different servers list you must select “TVad.me”
  3. Try to watch a “Video from the server”
  4. Again you would a pop up such as “To play this video you need stream authorization requirement”
  5. for that open a “New browser” Type this URL “https://tvad.me/pair
  6. Now you will get an “IP Address”
  7. So you must connect or pair that IP address with the “TVd.me pair IP address”
  8. After few seconds you will get a notification which says “Your device IP address has paired with the TVad.me/pair IP address”

That’s it from now onwards you will get the tvad.me pair service up to four hours. After four hours you will lost your connection with the TVad.me.pair. So to stay connecting with the TVad.me/pair you must pair your device IP address with the TVad.me pair IP address for every four hours.

If you still have any queries about the TVad.me pair and its procedure for using on your kodi software, you can ask to us through the comment section, we will help you our level best.


How To Fix TVad.me/Pair Using URL Resolver

TVad.me/Pair is a server which one only can solve the issues of kodi addons. This TVad.me/Pair was introduced due to the high traffic getting by the kodi. That huge traffic is stopping the video to perform well that means the huge traffic of the kodi software is the major interruption to all of its addon videos.

To avoid this interruption the kodi developers are introduced the TVad.me/Pair server. The user can avoid all the interruptions if the user fixes this TVad.me/Pair on his/her kodi software. In this article, we are going to include all the information to fix this TVad.me/Pair on your kodi. So let us start the tutorial and make your videos perform well.

In this tutorial, we are mainly focussing on how to fix TVad.me/Pair through the URL resolver.

how To Fix TVad.me/Pair using URL resolver

Here we are providing the easy method to fix the TVad.me/pair on your kodi addon. We are using the URL resolver method to fix the TVad.me on your kodi addon. So let us start the tutorial.

  1. First of all, you need to “Open Your Kodi”
  2. Select “Settings” option which lies top of your kodi screen
  3. Now “System Settings” option can visible on your screen just give a click on it
  4. Next, you need to click on the “Expert Mode” if it is not available on your device you can change the “Settings Mode” to “Expert Mode”
  5. From the kodi home screen, you have to select “Addons”
  6. From there you can see “Manage Dependency” option, to move forward you need to click on that
  7. Here you need to search for the “URL Resolver”
  8. Now “Information Page” will appear to you so click on that
  9. In the next step you will get different kinds of options, so just click on the “Configure”
  10. Then click on the “Resolvers List”
  11. From that resolvers list, you have to select “TVad.me/Pair”
  12. Here you need to disable “TVad.me Resolver”
  13. Finally, click on the “Confirm”

So, friends, these are the steps which are only can give the rid of the different servers issues. So to avoid the different servers issue son your kodi you have to follow the above steps.

When does kodi Addon require TVad.me/Pair?

Actually, to fix the TVad.me you have to pair your device IP address with the TVad.me/pair IP address.After completion of the pairing procedure, you can watch your favourite videos on your kodi for the duration of four hours. After four hours you have to pair it again for the better performance of kodi. So this is the brief information of the TVad.me/pair and its advantages.

Whenever you want to solve all your kodi URL or any other issues you have to follow the above-mentioned steps and those steps will give you the better service to get rid of the different servers and URL’s list. For more details of this TVad.me/pair and other information about the kodi addons you have to come to our website and know more information about the kodi and other addons.


Why Do We Get TVad.me Pop Up And How To Solve It

The kodi is a software which can deliver different kinds of videos through the different addons. But in nowadays most of the kodi users are getting so many pop-ups while they are watching the movie or any other videos through their favourite addons. From this article, we are going to tell you why the TVad.me pop up would get by the kodi and how to solve them.

Let me explain the pop up of TVad.me first. Actually, the pop up would come just because of the huge traffic of the kodi users. If you want to know the brief explanation of TVad.me, you have to read this article.

Why Do We Get TVad.me/pair Pop Up On Kodi

This is a frequent issue for every kodi user. This error would appear when the kodi user tries to watch his/her favourite movie or any other video. When the user tries to watch a movie, the desired movie would not appear to the user but instead of that, a pop up would come. If you observe that pop up you can see the TVad.me/pair server. So, now we are going describe you why do we get this pop up on our kodi. Let us start.

Why do we get this pop up frequently on our kodi is, the kodi is the greatest software among the many online video deliver software. So the followers are also attracted to this software and especially its features are attracted to the many of its followers. As usually the users increased rapidly and the kodi has started its struggling. To deliver the videos, the kodi is incapable now. So if we want to watch our favourite videos, we have to pair our device IP with the TVad.me IP address.

How Do We Pair Our Device IP With The TVad.me IP

If we want to pair our device IP address with the TVad.me IP address we need to follow the below steps. The below steps will provide you TVad.me service. So follow them and enjoy all your favourite videos whenever you want to enjoy your favourite video through an addon.

  1. Try to watch a movie on your “Kodi Software”
  2. You will get a pop up on your “kodi screen”
  3. In that pop up you can see “different Servers List”
  4. From that servers list, you have to select “TVad.me”
  5. Now you have to select “Movie”
  6. But still, you get a pop up which says “To play this video Stream Authorization Required”
  7. For that, you have to go for “http:// tvad.me/pair”
  8. Here you will find “IP” address
  9. Now select “Pair”
  10. After few seconds “Your device paired successfully” pop up will come
  11. So from now onwards you can watch your favourite videos on your kodi addon

This is the procedure to pair your device IP address with the TVad.me IP address. Once you paired your device IP address with the TVad.me IP address you can enjoy all your favourite videos Up to four hours. After four hours you have to pair it again to watch your favourite videos.