Kodi Streaming Authorization & pair has introduced for the kodi addons. Why because all the kodi addons are third party addons so they don’t have any restrictions to use them. As a result of this most of the kodi users are getting and vev io pair errors while watching a movie or any kind of videos. To avoid this issue the kodi developers has tied up with some other addon developers.

The is one of the perfect solution for most of the errors which are irritating the users in the middle of their videos. So let me tell you how does TVad me pair and pair helpful and what a user should need to do on his kodi addons with this  and you can know from here is safe? and follow this guide after reading that.

We are going to provide you, two major and perfect solutions. So follow them and watch your favourite videos without getting any interruptions.

These are very much educated and easy to implement solutions. So once try them and avoid interrupting aspects. First of all, let me start our tutorial from Stream Authorization Error

Fix Stream Authorization Activation

When you trying to launch a movie on your kodi, you will get an interrupting pop up which says “”Stream authorization required to play this video” and pair also. To avoid this issue you need to follow the below steps.

1). Choose Any Movie On Kodi

First of all try to watch a movie on your kodi, when you click on the movie you do not get that video, instead of that video you would get “Various Servers List”

select any movie

2). Choose “THEVIDEO”

Among that different servers, you can see “  the video server” or vidup me pair you must click on that server

click on tvadme

3). “Stream Authorization Required”

the box will appear when you selected the above-specified server which is containing link

tvad me pair

4).Visit “”

That means you need to visit “” using any browser and your device must connected with same wifi.

tvad me pair

5). Click On I’m Not A Robot

Here you would get your “Connection IP” and “Captcha” (This captcha should be solved)

After that, you need to click on the “Pair” and “Activate Streaming” option

pair device

6). Now Click On Activate Streaming

After that, you need to click on the “Pair” and “Activate Streaming” option

final tvad me pair

7). After a few seconds you will get ” Happy Streaming “ So you can use this service up to “Four Hours” ( as like above image)

I hope you guys got an idea about stream authorization required a pop-up and its solution to avoid this pop-up. If you getting this issue you can follow the above-mentioned steps as they are and stay in the safe zone up to four hours.

Working Tip: To avoid pairing for every 4 hours. Just sign up with your email and give any password, the close the tab. Done. you no need to pair your device with again and again.

Fixing By Hosters With Captchas

It has an alternative method to fix error as well as. We discussed error and about how does it come. To solve this issue you have another method which is alternate to the above method for . This method name is Hosters with captchas. Let me dictate you the alternate method to the above-discussed method.

1. Launch your “Kodi”

From the “Home Screen” of Kodi you have to click on “Video Add-ons”

open kodi

2. Click On Neptune Rising

From that video addons, you would get “Your favourite addon” (Exodus or whatever you are using) just click on that addon.

neptune rising

3. Click On “Tools”

From that addon click on “Tools” option which is My Tv Shows option Below

Click on tools

4. Choose “PlayBack” 

From the left column of your screen, you have to select “PlayBack” option

playback settings

5. Now Click on “Hosters With Captchas”  Then Turn it Off

To make successful of this procedure you have to “Turn Off ” The Hosters With Captchas option

hosters with captchas

6. Now click on “OK”

hosters with captchas

We mentioned two methods to avoid the errors and for better performance of your kodi addons. So chose any method from them which is suitable to your kodi issues

How To Fix With URL Resolver

This is one of the methods which can fix on your kodi. With this method, the kodi addons will not get any wrong URL issues. So try this method once.

  1. Launch your “Kodi”
  2. Select “Settings” option
  3. Now click on “System Settings”
  4. Now you will get “Settings Mode” and convert it into “Expert Mode”
  5. Click on the “Addons”
  6. Then select “Manage Dependency”
  7. Here you have to search for “URL resolver” you need to click on it
  8. Now “Information page” will appear just click on that option
  9. Now various options will appear to you just click on the “Configure”
  10. Now you will get “Resolvers List” click on that
  11. From that list, you can select “ Resolver”
  12. Finally, click on “Confirm”

This is the procedure to fix with the URL resolver. If you once try this method you can fix and https vev.Io/pair. at any kind of incidents like when you are in getting interrupting pop-ups and other interruptions which are relevant to vev.Io/pair.

https://vev.Io/pair. Not Working Issues And Its Solutions

Most of the kodi users are aware of and its huge contribution to delivering the different kodi addon videos. Among that group of users are saying about vidup pair and, not working issues. We are mentioning those issues along with their solutions. Just read them and solve your vev.Io/pair issues.

Why Do We Get https:// vev.Io/pair Error

Actually vev io pair pair is acting like a bridge in delivering the videos without having any interruptions. Whenever you trying to open any video through the addon, definitely you would be struck some time to load your video. This interruption is all about the huge followers of the kodi software. To avoid this, the kodi developers and vev.Io/pair developers combined and introduced pairing of IP addresses. if you dont about what is then that article can help you.

If you getting servers list on your kodi addons, that means your kodi do not has the To pair your device IP address you can follow the above methods. after pairing your device IP address with the vev.Io/pair IP address you can enjoy all your favourite videos for the duration of four hours. After four hours you have to pair your IP address once again with the IP address.

How Do We Get Rid Of https:// vev.Io/pair Stream Authorization

As we discussed in the above methods we can get rid of Stream Authorization interruption. But the main aspect you have to do is, keep pairing your device IP address with the vev.Io/pair IP address for every four hours. This is the main aspect you have to do.

From the pairing of your device IP address, you can stream your favourite videos from the very first minute to the fourth hour last minute. So this is the procedure to getting rid of stream authorization required a pop-up.

Know More About https:// vev.Io/pair Stream Authorization

Stream authorization is one of the issues which kodi users gets frequently while trying to watch a video. To avoid vev.Io/pair issue you need to do some corrections and some implementations on your kodi. They seem to be like below lines.

Just try to watch a movie on your kodi addon, Now you would get an error notification which says “To play this video stream authorization required”. In order to get a rid of  problem you have to pair your device IP address with the https://vev.Io/pair IP address and also

The pairing procedure has discussed at the top of this paragraph. So follow the above methods and solve this interruption within few minutes.